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1st Congressional District

Krystal Ball, Democrat
105 William St Fredericksburg VA 22401
Phone: 888.577.2010
Official Campaign Website:
 My name is Krystal Ball and I am an entrepreneur, software designer, and CPA running for Congress to bring a fresh perspective on fiscal responsibility to Washington.  Before any of that though, I am the daughter of Ed and Rose Marie, wife of Jonathan, and mother of Ella Marie.
As a certified public accountant, I understand that balancing the budget is something that Virginia families and businesses face every day. I think it’s time our government does the same. I know how to eliminate wasteful spending by auditing and streamlining government agencies because I’ve directed a project that reformed our Federal courts criminal/civil accounting system. I’ll fight to cut Congress’ pay, work toward a lifetime ban on lobbying for members of Congress, and I’ll take on the big banks and Wall Street companies to stop the bailouts and make sure every taxpayer dollar given to them comes back to us.
Growing up in King George County, I was greatly shaped by my parents.  From summers spray-painting “Rose Marie Ball for School Board” signs, I learned the importance of community service.  From my Dad’s careful and balanced view of the world I learned to keep my cool and consider both sides of a dispute.  From watching Dad’s target practice in the backyard, his meticulous handling of his firearms, and his work at Dahlgren, I learned the values and responsibilities of gun ownership and the important role our military plays in protecting our freedom.  From both of my bootstrapping parents, I learned the value of hard work and what it means to live the American Dream.
In my professional life, I have tried to live the values of my parents and of King George County.  I helped reform the Civil Criminal Accounting system for 89 Federal District Courts to improve accountability and increase efficiency.   I also traveled to Louisiana to assist in the Court’s efforts to recover after Hurricane Katrina.  While working full-time with the Courts, I took night classes and obtained my CPA to better understand the accounting issues I was dealing with. 
In my own business, I’ve used the discipline and accountability I learned as a CPA to run a successful small business alongside my husband Jonathan.  We create educational technology that helps kids learn in the classroom. I’m proud that our education software helps kids and creates jobs for Virginia teachers.
Until recently, I had never even considered the possibility that I would run for Congress.  But in March of 2008, after my daughter Ella was born, I knew, like many parents, that I had to do something to ensure that our kids are raised in the same great Virginia that we were.  Nothing makes you think harder about the direction of this  country than raising children. 
Looking at my daughter, I realize that nothing is going to change until ordinary citizens decide to stand up and fight to take back OUR Congress.  Nothing is going to change until we demand from our government the same common sense and common decency that we demand from ourselves. 
When our founding fathers first dreamed of this nation, they did not imagine a Congress filled with career politicians, marching their way up the seniority ladder.  They imagined citizen servants taking time from their lives to devote to their fellow citizens in the service of this country.  I believe in that tradition and I pledge to make you a part of our government again.    

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